Better deterrent than the patch

The man who smokes through his eyes. (Via Monk.)

“Yes, I bought a vibrator off of a homeless man for a dollar.” (Via Twinkle Twinkle.)

Making the Pantyliner Sexy: Enter the Thong” (Via GMB.)

Dana responds (in email) to the thong-maxi product:

The mind boggles. I mean, where does one begin? I didn’t even know you could buy such things on amazon. I would like to do an Amazon-bomb so that it would say “Customers who liked The Strokes also liked: Maxipads for thongs.”

So, what kind of pants are tight enough in the rear that they require a thong but loose enough in the front that a MAXIPAD isn’t freakin’ obvious?

Also, how on earth would that be comfortable? Thongs: Uncomfortable. Maxis: Uncomfortable. Thongs + Maxis= Like being molested all day by a bicycle seat.

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