Private: Believing

From a friend:

Somebody’s calling out the McSweeney’s website on Snarkwatch…. watch the beast bite its own tail!

The offending piece is Ken Krimstein’s “‘The Anomie of My Anomie is My Friend’ a Scooby-Doo Treatment by Alice Munro.” It’s a parody of Munro’s work. Are those forbidden by the snark police now, too? Jesus.

Next up: “Snarkwatch” outlaws dirty jokes and smoking on public beaches and in parks.

Speaking of The Believer, The Antic Muse reports that:

the editors of the Baffler have taken to considering themselves a kind of “anti-Believer.” This is not, we are assured, just because the Muse has a piece in the new issue nor because the Antic Husband is a long-time contributor with a piece in their new anthology (the less than attractively titled Boob Jubilee). This is just because Tom Frank gets annoyed by people who make war on criticism. As we overheard him say, “I can’t believe it! It’s a war on criticism!”

Got a problem with that? You can make a little war (or volley a little criticism) in person if you come to the only Washington-area event to promote the new anthology:

September 24 @ Politics and Prose, 5015 Connecticut Avenue, NW, 7 pm.