Bangers and machinations

As Bloomsday — June 16, the date on which Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom took their famous journeys through Dublin in James Joyce’s Ulysses — looms, Sean O’Hagan argues that commercialism is killing Irish culture:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, amid all the events held in his name on this new democratised, mass-marketed Bloomsday, there is barely a nod towards the erotic in Ulysses , no celebration of Joyce the sexual subversive, the unrepentant pervert. For all its newfound freedoms, the new Ireland remains remarkably similar to the old one in that aspect at least. A century on, we must look, like Leopold Bloom before us, to the humble sausage – ‘the shiny links packed with forcemeat’ – as the lone and unlikely signifier of Joycean sexual desire. But that, I would hazard a guess, is an irony lost on the marketing men at Denny’s.

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