Private: Ballard

Emily Bearn profiles J.G. Ballard. An excerpt:

when it comes to rebellion, it’s hard to image J. G. Ballard on the front line. His appearance is a study in Pooterish bonhomie – slightly corpulent; cosily dressed (on the afternoon I visit he is wearing sagging black trousers and a pair of brown loafers, possibly slippers) and with a face permanently erupting in mirth. It is often commented that he looks at least 10 years younger than he is, and he keeps fit with daily walks along the Thames….

As a writer he has been described as “the scourge of complacency” – a notion that makes him quake with laughter. “Am I? Who said that? I’ve never thought of myself in those terms. I hope I provoke people into the odd thought about the way the world’s going. But I’m a novelist, and I don’t think novelists are thought of as a threat to the status quo. At least not now.”

(Via The Literary Saloon.)