Private: Auld lang syne

Yesterday’s hot, breaking news at TMFTML led the Old Hag to try to track down her high school’s web site:

(Astonishingly, we could. Back when we attended, they could barely manage to stick some impatiens in the ground before the accreditation committee arrived.) Our logo seems almost an artistic rendering of Lethem’s experience — yes?

You could put a thousand MaudNewton.coms at a thousand computers and still sentences that funny would elude us.

Fortunately, our old elementary school website requires no mocking.

Someone else must have come to the same conclusion, because one simple page has replaced the previous, more evocative version (thus the cache link).

Nowadays South Florida parents can use state vouchers to teach send their children to this fine institution. There, they will learn to “Ignite the light: Plug into the real power source.”

In short, folks: Landover Baptist lives.

We are, for the record, completely unaffected by our years at King’s Christian School.