Private: As we prepare to venture south

Some old links:

An interview with Eudora Welty, on the relationship between her photographs and short stories: “Some perception of the world and some habit of observation shaded into the other, just because in both cases, writing and photography, you were trying to portray what you saw, and truthfully. Portray life, living people, as you saw them. And a camera could catch that fleeting moment, which is what a short story, in all its depth, tries to do. If it’s sensitive enough, it catches the transient moment.” Also, Welty’s “Why I Live at the P.O.

An abortive interview with Harry Crews. Bonus: the Harry Crews quiz.

An interview with Larry Brown about writing Fay: “[It was] a real departure for me, to write a book from a woman’s point of view…. There were things I didn’t know, things I had to ask people about women to find out. Their sensitivities are different and their concerns are different.”

An interview with Tim Gautreaux: “Perhaps the only difference I can perceive between a ‘Southern’ writer and a non-Southern writer is that maybe the ‘Southern’ writer loves where he lives more than other writers. When you read Eudora Welty or Walker Percy you sense they really enjoy the details of where they live, warts and all.”

Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find.”

Jessamyn West’s Donald Barthelme page.