Apologies to Tim Kinsella

The musician known as Tim Kinsella played at Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT) in Montreal on Tuesday night, earlier this week. Tim Kinsella is, I think, absolutely brilliant. My friend Mike, who is also responsible for that Snailhouse link I posted earlier, among other things, interviews him here.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Tim for the inattentive crowd at SAT on Tuesday. While the opening “band” (I’m not sure when it was decided that two guys checking their email constitutes a band) apparently captured everyone’s attention, unfortunately, Tim, your remarkable guitar playing and amazing, inspiring lyricism did not.

This was a frustrating evening. Certainly more so for you than me (although I did find it quite clever when you sang “I would only want to make a film if it was in French / But I don’t speak French” and turned the “ch” sounds into very pronounced “shhhs” ), but keep in mind that the $10 I spent to get in was not so I could listen to other people’s conversations, no matter how fascinating, or how complicated their shoes.

I hope this does not sour you to our fine city. Perhaps a different venue would have seen a more rapt audience. My living room, for example — maybe next time? Please come and play Montreal again. You are wonderful.


Pasha Malla of Montreal.

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