Private: Announcement

If I owe you email, please don’t be mad. Have patience with my human frailty and know that you’re in good company.

I had a meeting and reading to attend way uptown last night.

Tonight was the second meeting of my novel workshop class, and my submission was critiqued.*

Afterward, at the invitation of the ever-fab Dana, I made my way down to Grace to meet with the witty and vivacious Exhibitionists.

Upon arriving home, I needed to finish re-reading Heart of Darkness for my literature class, which meets every Wednesday night at 6:30.

Instead, I read through my classmates’ critiques and then, for no apparent reason, decided to do my taxes. (Refunds are good, though.)

Now I guess I should finish the book. I’ll have to write the weekly “reaction paper” on my lunch hour.

Coming tomorrow: what I ate for lunch, what kind of dental floss I use, and more banal details about my schedule!

* Reaction mostly positive.

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