And now I will try my hand at music journalism

Michael Freurstack is a Montreal-based musician. He plays in Kepler, the brilliant Wooden Stars, who won a Juno Award (sort of like the Grammys, but Canadian, and with dignity) for their 1999 collaboration with Julie Doiron, formerly of Eric’s Trip. Anyway, this Freurstack fellow’s best stuff, I think, is done in Snailhouse. Posted on the site is “Birds and Bees” from the as-of-yet unreleased new album, and it is great.

Also, The Constantines have a new album out on Sub Pop. I haven’t heard it yet, but they are wonderful — sort of like a weird hybrid of Bruce Springsteen and Fugazi.

And, finally, Toronto’s Broken Social Scene may have released the album of the year. “You Forgot it in People” is awesome. I sing along, despite some blue language.

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