Private: An Homage to Ami Vitale

I should let Ami’s photos speak for themselves, of course, and I really should have given her a better introduction, so even though I probably shouldn’t say anything more, let me try again.

What I love about Ami Vitale’s photographs is the compassion they express. Her subjects are often weighed down by brutal hardships — or what we might consider, from our comfortable perspective, to be brutal hardships — but that isn’t what comes through in her photographs. What comes through is the beauty of her subjects, the joy of their experiences, the vibrancy of their lives.

I asked Ami if she would answer a few quick questions, as a kind of guest-interview subject here on Maudblog, and she graciously said she would. But, you know, she also sounded pretty busy in her e-mail (she’s shooting in Kashmir right now), and she said she was very tired, and the questions would have to be short, and I just thought, better not to impose on her busy schedule.

But, luckily, you can learn much more about Ami than you would from any three leading questions I could formulate, by watching the following video interviews on The links are at the bottom of the page.

Become an Ami Vitale fan [nb: this link isn’t working as I type this, but hopefully it will work for you when you try it.]