Amy Bloom profile

Ploughshares has an interesting profile of Amy Bloom, who guest-edited the Fall issue:

Many a critic has pointed to Bloom’s day job as a therapist to explain her acute sense of the inner workings of the heart and mind — a conclusion about which she’s unsure. “I think I became a therapist because I love people’s stories, the things that happen, or might have happened, or could have happened, the stories they — meaning we — construct and invent. I think that good shrinks, like good writers, are more likely to be born and made than professionally trained. And if people like to think that because I’m a shrink, I understand people, that’s okay. I’m not sure it’s true, but it’s okay.”

Yet given the obvious — that no therapist would betray specific confidences — aren’t there generalizations to be made? Bloom’s having none of it. “There are no general stories,” she insists. “One doesn’t hear general stories as a therapist. One hears unbelievably specific, intimate, detailed stories. There is no big picture. There is only this particular moment in this particular life.”

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