Private: Amis lacks U.S. publisher

In the wake of the poor critical reception and sales of his latest novel, Yellow Dog, Martis Amis lacks a U.S. publisher. Amis switched from Random House to Miramax in 1998 with a great deal of fanfare. But Yellow Dog:

has sold 10,200 copies in the United States, a figure that trade-book editors say is very low for a writer of Mr. Amis’s stature. Even the long-shot winner of last year’s Booker Prize, DBC Pierre’s “Vernon God Little,” a scathing satire of America considered by many in publishing to be a hard sell here, has a Nielsen BookScan total of 18,700. (Nielsen BookScan measures about 60 to 70 percent of total sales, people in the industry say.)

A new Amis story appears in the latest print issue of The New Yorker.