All its permutations

A motion to dismiss addresses the constitutionality of “fuck,” “fucker,” and “fucking fag.” (Via The Morning News.) I’ll bet that lawyer made sure to say “Your Honor” a bunch during the hearing on the motion.*

Austria is home to a town called “Fucking.” (Via The Black Table.)

From An Immigrant’s Guide to Translating American Workplace Slang, by John Leary: “‘Shit rolls downhill.’ I lament the perceived inequalities of our capitalist system.”

Half an Orange, my favorite bilingual weblog, is posting regularly again, now from China, where THG embarrassed himself in front of diplomats and an arms dealer by failing to produce a business card.

The Geographical Directory of World Paper Money is worth browsing for the maps alone, says Things Magazine.

The Illustrated Catalog of Acme Products contains all ACME products that appeared in Looney Tunes cartoons. (Thanks to Stepany Aulenback for the link.)

*Back when I practiced law, when I was a mere two months out of law school, my boss sent me off to a hearing on my own. The attorney for the other side was the only person who has been the leader of both houses of the Florida legislature.

When opposing counsel entered the room, the judge interrupted the prior hearing. “Mr. X, it’s always a pleasure to have you in my courtroom,” he said.

I suspected that this did not bode well for the hearing as a whole. Then, during my argument, I called the judge, “Sir.” (My parents are southern, you see.)

“Yes, Sir–Your Honor,” I said. I said it several times. Mr. X and the judge were both mightily amused.

But the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure were on my side, so I won the hearing, and Mr. X had to reschedule his deposition.

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