A.L. Kennedy wants to drag you into hell’s mouth

Firebrand Scottish writer A.L. Kennedy talks briefly with The Bookseller about her forthcoming novel, Paradise, the story of a 40-year-old alcoholic bent on drinking herself to death. Kennedy structured the novel around the stations of the cross and says it’s about self-martyrdom:

“You can’t think about pubs without thinking about ‘A man goes into a pub . . .’ and the whole world of present tense storytelling, so the novel is a kind of big shaggy dog story. It’s about somebody’s inexorable journey towards some kind of extinction, but it’s trying to make it bearable in some way through a musicality and playfulness with language. Its like taking someone into trench warfare, but having a glove puppet with you. ‘Ignore the dead bodies, see the glove puppet!’

“I don’t hate the reader, but I do want to drag them into hell’s mouth–it’s good for them.”

(Via Sarah; so far there doesn’t seem to be a U.S. publication date.)