A.L. Kennedy is a little pissed off about some things

Scottish writer A.L. Kennedy, who penned Original Bliss (one of my favorites), deplores the frivolity of modern life and media in the face of the current political climate:

Well, I’ve been having a Dyke of a time – oral surgery, stitches, swelling, antibiotics – all the fun a Calvinist could wish for. And when you look like Barbra Streisand after three weeks under water and your pain relief is preventing you from tying, or even recognising, your own shoes, then you’re in the perfect condition to stay at someone else’s house and watch cable TV.

So now I finally have a proper grasp of what’s important in modern life. And mainly it’s tits – big tits, cheap tits, posh tits, Germans pan-frying tits with their consent, plastic tits, real tits, squint tits, famous tits and the unfortunate tits of strangers.

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