Adaptation of Vernon God Little in planning stages

The screen version of this year’s Booker prize winner, Vernon God Little, will likely “be much less complicated than the book,” says author Peter Finlay (a/k/a DBC Pierre).

While accolades for the novel have piled up in the U.K. and Australia, U.S. reviewers have been less enthusiastic. One critic called it a “teeth-grindingly feeble stab at satire and virtual random-search engine of potty humor,” and charged that the author:

spends the entirety of this never-funny novel banging away at [his] wide targets as if they were 300-pound piñatas, meanwhile turning young Vernon, our hero, into a Holden Caulfield with a host of tediously graphic psychosexual fixations, a far more limited vocabulary and a finely tuned awareness of sneaker brands.

Finlay is expected to receive $500k for the film rights. (Film link via The Literary Saloon.)

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