Private: ABA, ALA, PEN join hands to protest Patriot Act

The American Booksellers Association, the American Library Association, and the writer’s group PEN American Center have launched the “Campaign for Reader Privacy” to amend the portion of the USA Patriot Act that:

allows the FBI, with authorization from a special court, to inspect the book-buying or -borrowing histories of individuals. The library or bookstore would be forbidden to inform customers of the inspection.

I’ve been taken to task in the past for my opposition to the Patriot Act:

The web is full of vitriol and diatribe, not too mention some of the wildest conspiracy theories around, about the supposedly all-powerful and tyranical despots in Washington and yet Maud worries about a new Red Scare? She cuts herself off for fear of lauching a political diatribe but perhaps on another occasion she can explain how this wild statement comports with reality.

Okay, how’s this? I essentially agree with the ACLU’s position on the Act. Yes, I’m a liberal and I’m a girl, but I’m also a lawyer. A tax lawyer. So don’t get all “look at the little emotional lady and her wild fears” on me. You want me to parse the legislation out section by section?