Here’s a New York Observer article about the new editor of The Paris Review, Brigid Hughes. (Link found on Bookslut.)

More, this time from The New York Times, on Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation, the British bestseller about punctuation by Lynne Truss. I want that book.

Who Best to Describe Ken Wells’ Book? Ken Wells, also in the Times, made me laugh:

The Wall Street Journal published a review in its Personal Journal section’s Leisure & Arts department last week, under the heading Bookshelf – a rubric generally reserved for reviews. But it was not really a review; more of a summary, actually.

Taxonomy becomes crucial here, because the writer of the piece, about a bound collection of animal articles first printed in The Journal, was Ken Wells, who was also the editor of the book.

Thank you for telling, David Carr. Now please put your outdoor shoes on and take your snack to the playground. No, Ken, not you. I want you to stay inside today. Why don’t you put your head down on your desk and think about what you’ve done?

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