Poor and middle class to pay more in taxes?

It looks like Dionne was right when he predicted in the Washington Post last month that conservatives would soon be assailing the “non-taxpaying class.”

I heard on NPR this morning that the Bush tax policy wonks are gearing up to try to convince the populace that the lower and middle classes should shoulder a larger share of the personal income tax burden.

(There’s a tax rant coming on. Proceed at your own risk.) Continue reading…

Heartwarming first story

At five, I wrote and illustrated my first story. It was two sentences long, and went like this:

There once was a girl who did not obey a stop sign.

She fell into a hole and a snake killed her.

I guess the picture was supposed to be the girl, the stop sign, and the snake. I came across it a few years ago at my mother’s place. It has since been mislaid, but Mom has promised to send the story, complete with illustration, if she finds it.